The world's most popular Windows Zip utility for compression, file sharing, file encryption, and data backup.

WinZip products all strive to provide you with faster, easier ways to perform vital, everyday tasks. WinZip's file compression products use world-leading technology to save you space, time and effort when managing and sharing files. WinZip's comprehensive collection of system utilities help you instantly clean and streamline your PC for the fastest, most effective computer performance.

WinZip® Software multi-user licenses are deployed in thousands of companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations all over the world. Whether you need to serve 2 or 200,000 users, WinZip can help you save storage space, reduce e-mail bandwidth usage, and secure your sensitive documents.

WinZip is available in the following editions:

  • WinZip Standard Edition: Offers tools for compressing files and opening the most common archive files including strong AES encryption password-protects files to secure confidential information.
  • WinZip Professional Edition: Offers all the essential zipping/unzipping capabilities found in WinZip Standard, plus automated routine tasks advanced image management, zip-from-camera capability, CD/DVD burning and FTP upload.
  • Winzip Enterprise Edition: Includes new support for SharePoint and Amazon S3. This allows your business to offer employees easy, secure sharing across email, SharePoint, Amazon S3, and IT-enabled clouds and social media accounts, all from one application.

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